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Cabinet Reports format

For all Cabinet Reports, please use the templates provided below, with the standard font of Arial 10, in a Word document format.

For the first meeting only please state any objectives for the year that are not part of your ongoing job description. e.g. If you intend to start a Club Branch, that would be an objective to state, whereas to visit Clubs, if you are expected to do so, isn't. 

For subsequent meetings do not repeat objectives, or items previously reported, unless there is a further update. 

The aim is to reduce the content of the reports to the provision of any updates since the last Cabinet meeting.

If decisions are required at Cabinet, then please add the following to the beginning of your report, and complete as necessary:-

 Decisions Required of Cabinet:  

 Justification for Decisions:

Please use simple text and paragraphs - do not use embedded table formats.

If you have ‘nothing to report', please just send an email your Chairman, and the District Secretary, stating that.  There is no need to submit a report.

By using standard fonts and formats, this will help to make it easier for Chairmen to consolidate their Cabinet reports. This will also minimise paper and ink, if printed.

Going forward, this will make it much easier to consolidate Convention reports, without having to contend with numerous versions of fonts, formats, page settings etc.

Godwin Micallef - District Secretary

Template District Officer Cabinet Report.doc

Template Committee Chair Cabinet Report.doc 

Template Club Visit Report.doc

Template District 105D expenses master.xls