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Lions Sight Savers Award

Lions International Sight Savers Patches Presented to Clubs in recognition of their support for "Comprehensive Eye Services" over several years, (formerly known as "Eye Camps"). There are 5 patches:

Platinum More than 100 x 250 funded

Diamond 75 - 99 x 250 funded

Gold 40 -74 x 250 funded

Silver 20- 39 x 250 funded

Bronze 10-19 x 250 funded

In 2017 Bridport were awarded a bronze patch and Bradford on Avon a silver patch

No awards were made in 2013, 2014 or 2016 as no club had reached a milestone

In 2012 Hart Lions Club were awarded a bronze Award

No awards were made in 2011

For information please contact the Community Relations Portfolio Holder Judith Goodchild