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District Officers

Cabinet Meetings

Calling Notice for Cabinet Meeting
10:30am Sunday 16th July 2017
St. Leonardís Hotel, 185 Ringwood Road, St. Leonards, Ringwood BH24 2NP


All Cabinet Officers are requested to notify District Sergeant-at-Arms Lion David Ebsworth by the 6th of July advising him whether you are attending or not.

Zone/Committee Chairmen and other Officers reports should be with the District Secretary by the 6th of July and should be submitted by email.

Please use the standard templates for your reports. More...

Lunch will be available and should be booked using this form.

The final agenda and all reports received by the due date will be circulated about a week prior to the meeting.


Godwin Micallef - District Secretary


The 105d District Constitution is available as a PDF file. Download...

District mailings

District mailings go out on the 25th of the month and can be viewed on this website. More...

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Some pages for District Officers can be accessed only once logged-in. If you do not have a password please go to password reset and enter your forename, surname and email address in the form and the server will send it to you. Your name and email address should be as provided to the District Secretary.


Office HeldNameClub
District Governor Team
District GovernorDavid TaylorGillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury
Immediate Past District GovernorAlan ChapmanWarminster
1st Vice District GovernorPeter BurnettWimborne and Ferndown
2nd Vice District GovernorKen StaniforthSalisbury and District
District Admin Team
District SecretaryGodwin MicallefWimborne and Ferndown
District TreasurerLinda PictonHart
Sergeant at ArmsDavid EbsworthReading
Comms, Noms and Resolutions OfficerDavid MerchantNewbury
Zone Chairmen
Zone 1A ChairmanPeter OswickBlackmore Vale
Zone 1B ChairmanGeorge PothecaryWareham
Zone 2C ChairmanJarvis MacdonaldWestbury
Zone 2D ChairmanDevan KandiahEastleigh
Zone 2E ChairmanJennifer BithellHythe and Waterside
Zone 3F ChairmanReg NortonCrofton
Zone 3G ChairmanAnn TwiningIOW Sandown and Shanklin
Zone 3H ChairmanGordon RhodesHavant
Zone 4I ChairmanRoy CuthbertsonMeon Valley
Zone 4K ChairmanMarilyn RobsonHart
Zone 5L ChairmanMelvyn WilliamsHenley on Thames
Zone 5M ChairmanTim HantonWokingham
Club Development Committee
District Membership Team CoordinatorPauline McCreanorIOW Ryde
District Leadership Team CoordinatorDavid MerchantNewbury
Youth Committee MemberDenise StennerGillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury
Youth Committee MemberFrances BondCrofton
Youth Committee MemberJohn AppsPortsmouth
Youth Committee MemberYorky TukeRingwood and Fordingbridge
Equipment bookingsRichard KeeleyFarnborough
Marketing and PR CoordinatorRichard KeeleyFarnborough
Community Services
Medic Alert OfficerIain PudneyBurnham
Message in a Bottle OfficerIain PudneyBurnham
Project Portfolios
Communications Portfolio CoordinatorTom SayersFleet
Community Relations Portfolio CoordinatorJudith GoodchildHook and Odiham
Insurance & Risk Assessment AdvisorJosephine HamblinReading
International Relations Portfolio CoordinatorBarrie RichardsonRingwood and Fordingbridge
LCIF AdvisorPatrick HamblinReading
Youth Portfolio CoordinatorDenise StennerGillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury
Finance Committee ChairmanAlan ChapmanWarminster
Finance Committee ChairmanDavid TaylorGillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury
Finance Committee Member 1Linda PictonHart
Finance Committee Member 2Godwin MicallefWimborne and Ferndown
Finance Committee Member 3Peter BurnettWimborne and Ferndown
Finance Committee Member 4Ken StaniforthSalisbury and District
Convention Host Committee ChairmanJeff ByersBournemouth
Publicity - SandownAnn TwiningIOW Sandown and Shanklin
Non Cabinet Positions
Alzheimer & Dementia Awareness OfficerPat NixonCosham
Dentaid Committee ChairmanRoger HuntleyIOW Newport
Dentaid Equipment Collection CoordinatorRichard FrostBlackmore Vale
Deputy Comms & Website CoordinatorRichard KeeleyFarnborough
Deputy Community Relations Portfolio CoordinatorIain PudneyBurnham
Deputy Youth Portfolio Coordinator 1Yorky TukeRingwood and Fordingbridge
Deputy Youth Portfolio Coordinator 2John AppsPortsmouth
Deputy Youth Portfolio Coordinator 3Frances BondCrofton
District AlmonerRon TwiningIOW Sandown and Shanklin
DG Advisor 1David FirthWestbury
DG Advisor 2Patrick HamblinReading
DG Advisor 3David MerchantNewbury
Legal ConsultantChris JollySalisbury and District
Lion Magazine and District Newsletter EditorPeter TabbJersey
Paultons Park ProjectRichard OwenWarminster
Vulnerable Persons OfficerMarilyn SkennertonHayling Island