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MD Convention Blackpool 2017

Details to follow...

MD Convention Eastbourne 2016

Multiple District Convention 2016 is being held in Eastbourne from Friday the 6th to Sunday the 8th of May 2016. The venue is the Devonshire Park Centre, Eastbourne BN21 4BP

To book, visit the District SE website.

An invitation to attend your convention

As Chairman of Council I look forward to welcoming you to the Multiple District Convention in Eastbourne in May. 

Details of the social events and activities have been covered by the Host Committee [below] so let me tell you something of the business sessions this year.

If the grapevine is working as efficiently as usual you are probably already aware that there will be some important decisions to be made by your delegates at convention. Your Council of Governors will be presenting resolutions that will propose changes to the geographical organisation of the Multiple District and to the management and governance structure that will make our MD fit for the 21st Century and beyond. These are important proposals that will not only improve the efficiency of the MD and reduce the cost to members but will result in strong districts that are able to tackle our membership crisis and reverse the downward trend. I would urge you to study the resolutions carefully when they come out, to seek clarification from your DG Team if required and to make sure that your club is represented at convention so that your voice can be heard.

I am also trying to make the business sessions less “sit and listen” and more interactive and hope to turn a large part of the Saturday morning over to smaller workshops and seminars as well as providing an open forum during Sunday’s session. I hope to be able to release more details very soon.

This promises to be one of the most interesting conventions for some time so make sure you are there to take part.

Simon Moss

Council Chairman 2015-16

Social events

EASTBOURNE? – Yes Sunny Eastbourne on the Sussex Coast. There is plenty to see and do.

Why not come early or stay late or do both? 

Make the Convention weekend part of an early Summer Holiday. 

The Friday Host Night will be something a bit different, yes there will be a theme - “London through the ages”, but it will be led by a true cockney – Gordon Bennett (that’s his name, not just an expression). There will be other entertainment; singing & dancing with a London theme. So there will be plenty of scope if you want to dress-up. If fancy dress is not for you just sit back and laugh at those of us that do dress up. You can choose your own food from a buffet with something for all tastes.

On Saturday night the Banquet & Ball will be fairly traditional with music for dancing provided by one of the South’s premier Abba tribute bands – “Abalicious”. But this is Eastbourne, the Devonshire Centre, where Conventions have been held before and all the staff know what they are doing and what we want, so you can choose what to eat in advance. 

The Social evenings will both be held in the Floral Hall while the Convention Business Session, described by our Council Chairman, will be held in the adjoining Congress Theatre, with plenty of room to sit in comfort and lots of room for the exhibitions and the break-outs or workshops. Lion John Cattaway and his host committee recently organised the SE Convention in the same venue and they promise you will enjoy this weekend - so please come; support our Council Chairman and the District Governors; welcome the next Council; and most of all HAVE FUN!

To book, visit the District SE website

MD Convention Birmingham 2015

Multiple District Convention 2015 is being held in Birmingham from Friday the 8th to Sunday the 10th of May 2015. The venue is the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham B40 1PP. 

With all events taking place in the fabulous Birmingham Metropole Hotel an exciting and entertaining weekend awaits all attendees.

Our host night has a "TV and the Movies" theme and, because we know some of you don't want to dress up, our strapline is "Come as your favourite character or as a member of the audience". There will be entertainment that fits the theme plus, for those of you who like to dance, the evening will finish with Lion Darren Blenkiron's famous disco.

All of this at the same price as last year £26 per ticket.

Saturday Night's Banquet and Ball features "The Hitmen and Her" and promises to be a night to remember. At £37.50 per person it still represents great value.

The business sessions are, of course, the main reason for convention and the hotel offers lunch for just £7.00 per person and excellent conference facilities.

Don't forget your Convention Pin at just £3.00 each.

For those not attending the business sessions, we will be putting together information on the best local attractions and laying on a bus to get you into Birmingham.

Alternatively you may want to use the extensive leisure facilities in the hotel, included in the amazingly low price of £86.60 per room, bed and breakfast, that we have obtained for you - includes parking. Hotel rooms can be booked direct with the hotel on 0121 780 4242 quoting Lions 2015 (GLICL) or by following the link on the MD website.

Further information is available on the MD website

MD Convention Manchester 2014

Multiple District Convention 2014 is being held in Manchester from the 9th to 11th May 2014. Further information including a booking form is available on the MD website (select the Convention tab top right).

MD Convention Torquay 2013

MD Convention Torquay 2013

Photo: Lion George Jeremiah


The following resolutions were passed:

Resolution 1 was passed

Proposed by: The Council of Governors
Multiple District Per Capita Levy 2013-2014:

This Convention resolves that the Multiple District per capita levy for the fiscal year 2013-2014 shall be £24.00 (twenty four pounds) per Lion, payable in two equal instalments, the first in August 2013 based on membership at 30th June 2013 and the second in February 2014 based on membership as at 31st December 2013.

Resolution 2 was passed

Proposed by: The Council of Governors
Financial Support for Youth Activities:

This Convention resolves that the sum of £3.00 (three pounds) per Club Member to be requested from Clubs to support Youth Activities be increased to £4.00 (four pounds) per Club Member for the Lionistic Year 2013-2014.

This Convention further resolves that the Council of Governors review this sum on an annual basis and make a recommendation to successive Conventions as to a suitable sum to be requested for the immediately following Lionistic Year. In the event that no such recommendation is made or, that same is rejected by Convention, the sum to be requested shall be that agreed at the most recent preceding Convention.

Resolution 4 was passed

Proposed by: The Council of Governors
Amendment of Convention Standing Orders:

This Convention resolves that Convention Standing Orders be amended by the insertion of a new Section 5(b) to read as follows, "The Multiple District Constitution, Nominations and Resolutions Officer shall be exempted from announcing his name and Club when addressing Convention in the direct course of his duties with the proviso that he shall announce same on the first such occasion." AND, that the existing Section 5(h) be renumbered 5(c).

Resolution 5 was passed

Proposed by: The Council of Governors
Europa Forum 2014:

This Convention authorises The Council of Governors to take such actions as are necessary for MD105 to organise and host Europa Forum 2014 at no cost to the Multiple District.


Lion Christine and DG Roger at MD Convention Torquay 2013 

Lion Christine and DG Roger Munday at MD Convention Torquay 2013
Photo: Lion George Jeremiah

The following resolutions were lost:

Resolution 3 was rejected

Proposed by: The Council of Governors
Amendment of the Multiple District Constitution:

This Convention resolves to amend Article III Section 5 of the Multiple District Constitution by adding to the end of that section, the following: "In such cases and with effect from 15th July 2014, the amount payable to the partner of a District Governor (Elect) of a District in Transition by the Multiple District shall be limited to the amount which would have been payable by Lions Clubs International to that partner if their District were not in Transition."

Resolution 6 was rejected

Proposed by: The Lions Club of Carterton and Seconded by: The Lions Club of Witney
Change of LCI Motto:

This Convention resolves to request the International Board of Directors of Lions Clubs International to consider amending Article IV Section 5 of the International Constitution to read:

MOTTO: It's Motto shall be: "We Serve - We Care". 

Resolution 7 was rejected

Proposed by: The Lions Club of Leominster and Seconded by: The Lions Club of Radstock & Midsomer Norton
Equality and Diversity in Lions Clubs:

This Convention confirms that in the spirit of Lionism there is an understanding to urge all clubs to support and affirm equality and diversity in membership covering all humankind, irrespective of gender, and in doing so to uphold the principle of membership to be open to all, thereby showing no discrimination whatsoever.

Amendment 7A

Proposed by: The Lions Club of Leeds Skyrack and Seconded by: The Lions Club of Otley

Delete the final five words after the comma, viz. "thereby showing no discrimination
whatsoever" and replace the comma with a full stop.

Resolution 8 was withdrawn

Proposed by: The Lions Club of Ripon and Seconded by: The Lions Club of Boroughbridge
Promotion of the Sport of VX:

This Convention request that the Council of Governors Consider the Sport of VX as a sport for Lions Clubs to support and encourage youth throughout the Multiple District, with the possible consideration of a Multiple District competition. They are requested to seek background information and advice from those Lions Clubs already involved in the introduction and playing of the sport in parts of the British Isles and Ireland.

Flower Power on Host Night

Flower Power on Host Night
Photo: Andrew Park