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Welcome to the International Association of Lions Clubs, or Lions Clubs International to use our everyday name.

Lions Clubs International is the world's largest and most active service organisation with total membership exceeding 1.35 million in 206 countries and geographical areas.

Here in our part of Lions Clubs International, The British Isles and Ireland, there are some 810 Clubs and over 16,000 members

The intention of this page is to provide you with some background information about Lions Clubs International. We have outlined the abbreviations that we use, how things are organised and a very brief history of Lions Clubs International and how Lionism started here in the British Isles and Ireland. Much more information can be found on the web sites detailed below: -

 Lions Clubs International

 Multiple District 105

 District 105D

Common Abbreviations

LCI Lions Clubs International

LCIF Lions Clubs International Foundation

LC Lions Club

IP International President

IPIP Immediate Past International President

IVP International Vice President (1st & 2nd)

ID International Director

PID Past International Director

MD Multiple District

MD105 Multiple District 105

MDHQ Multiple District Headquarters

CAC Council Advisory Committee

COC Chairman of Council of Governors 

COG Council of Governors

DG District Governor

IPDG Immediate Past District Governor

PDG Past District Governor

1st VDG 1st Vice District Governor

2nd VDG 2nd Vice District Governor

DO District Officer

LP  Lion President

IPP  Immediate Past President

PP Past President (Club)

MR  Membership Report

RC  Region Chairman (Optional Post)

ZC Zone Chairman 

DGT District Governor Team (DG,1st VDG, 2nd VDG & IPDG)

GLT Global Leadership Team (GLT Coordinator, and Trainers)

GMT Global Membership Team (GMT Coordinator, Region Chairman and DGT)     

The History of the International Association of Lions Clubs

(Lions Clubs International)

In 1912 the Business Circle, a Chicago businessmen's luncheon club which met weekly, invited to lunch a young insurance salesman, the 33 year old Melvin Jones. This club, like hundreds of similar clubs throughout the country, was composed of leaders in many fields of trade and commerce. The purpose of these clubs was pure and simple. The members "patronised" each other, boosted each other's products and services and met solely for the purpose of advancing their own interests.

By 1913, when Melvin Jones was the sole owner of the Melvin Jones Insurance Agency, he was asked to join the club. This he considered a privilege but also a challenge. He used his salesmanship to increase the circle's membership and introduced new ideas to the club. His work was so appreciated that in 1915, he was elected Secretary. With almost 200 successful and influential businessmen joined together in a club, Melvin Jones asked why this selfish group power could not be directed towards other unselfish services in other areas of the community.

On 7th of June 1917, at the invitation of Melvin Jones, 20 delegates representing over 30 clubs met at the Hotel La Salle, Chicago. Those represented were Optimists, Vortex, Business Circle, the Business & Professional Men of St Paul, Minnesota and the International Association of Lions Clubs of Evansville, Indiana, whose delegate, Dr William P 'Woods, was to become the first International President. The consensus favoured the formation of an association and when the meeting adjourned in the late afternoon, Lionism had been born. The Objects (now Purposes) and Ethics were drafted later in the year and thus the first International Service Organisation set to work. .At the 1919 Chicago Convention a delegate from Denver, Halstead Ritter spoke saying that the word Lions stood not only for the King of the Beasts, but also, if spelt out, Liberty Intelligence Our Nation's Safety. This spelling out of the letters ensured their adoption as the Association's slogan.

The title "International Association of Lions" was first registered in the state of Indiana in 1916 by Dr Woods and others and in effect this name was adopted by the 1917 meeting when, at the invitation of Dr 'Woods, some of the participants took the charter of that organisation.

Later, the Association adopted an emblem and colours. The emblem, our badge, is composed of the letter L with a lion's head on either side, one facing the past and the other the future. The colours chosen were Purple and Gold. Purple for loyalty and Gold for sincerity and generosity towards mankind.

Under the leadership of Melvin Jones the Association doubled its membership and extended into Canada. The first club formed outside North America was in China in 1926. Lionism did not spread to Europe until 1948 when a club was formed in Stockholm, Sweden. The formation of the first club in this Multiple District, the London Host Club, was in 1949.

It was not until the 1950's that the motto "WE SERVE" was selected and adopted from a contest won by a Canadian Lion.

A History of Multiple District 105 (The British Isles and Ireland)

Lions started here in 1949 following a visit to Canada by the late Lord Leconfield. During the Second 'World War, the Lions of Ontario sent a substantial sum of money to the late Queen Mother to use on behalf of children who suffered in the Blitz. As patron of the "Waifs and Strays" (now the Church of England Children's Society) the then Queen Elizabeth donated the money to this Society

After the war, Colonel Wyndam (later Lord Leconfleld), the President of the Society, visited Toronto to express his personal thanks to the Lions. The chance of visiting Lions Clubs International Headquarters was offered to him on the understanding that upon his return to London he would try to form a Lions Club.

With assistance from Lions Clubs International Special Representative, Murray Huggan, and others the London Host Club was formed on the 29th December 1949 and received its charter on the 29th March 1950

It took until 1953 for the first club to be formed in Scotland, in Glasgow (sadly now cancelled)

The first club formed in Ireland was Dublin in 1955 and Wales formed its first club in Wrexham in 1963.

1961 saw District 105 split into two Districts, A and B, making it a Multiple District in accordance with the International Constitution, which states that where in any country or geographical area there are more than one Lions District, they are grouped together to form a Multiple District

Following the formation of further clubs, our Multiple District has now grown to 13

Districts, with over 810 Clubs and some 16,000 members. Other milestones in the history of Multiple District 105 can be found in The Multiple District Directory, which is accessible via a secure area, online.

Page 5 MD105 Districts - colour


Before proceeding with further explanations of the make up of a Lions Club and Lions Clubs International, we would like to explain the different constitutions under which the Association operates.

Although each club is autonomous, when a Lions Club receives its charter from the International Association of Lions Clubs, it accepts that it is under the jurisdiction of the Association and its constitution and by-laws. The International Constitution is therefore the overriding constitution in the Association.

Each Multiple District and District then has its own constitution, which, apart from adaptations to suit local practice and custom, is fairly standard in each Multiple District and District.

Each Club has a standard form of Club Constitution and by-laws, which can be adapted to suit local practice and custom but any changes must not contravene any constitution that has priority.

The District, Multiple District and International Constitutions can be amended by means of Resolutions proposed and passed at the appropriate Conventions.

The Club Secretary holds copies of the Club, District, Multiple District and International Constitutions.

The Club: - Its Organisation and Officers

The most important part of Lions Clubs International is the members and the clubs. Below is a brief description of the duties and roles of the officers of your club,


The chief executive officer of the club. Presides over all club meetings and represents the Club at District, Multiple District and International level. Is appointed by the members for twelve months commencing on the 1st July, which is the start of each Lion year and, by attending Zone meetings and District functions, relays the club news and any views through to the District Governor and his team.

Immediate Past President

Offers experience and guidance to the President and, with the other past presidents keep the club heading in the right direction, and can if required be responsible with the Membership team, for the Club Development Programme.

Vice Presidents

Carry out the duties of the President in any periods of absence. Up to three Vice Presidents can be appointed who progress from third to second to first and ultimately to the presidency.


Deals with the correspondence received, maintains Club records and submits monthly reports on the club membership and activity reports direct to the International Headquarters at Oak Brook, Chicago, via the MyLCI website. This information is made available to District Officers, via the MyLCI website.


Is responsible for all monies received and payments made, and maintaining the club's accounts. Gives an up to date report of the financial position, at each club meeting. Clubs must have a number of accounts. Normally the minimum will be an administration account to meet the running costs of the club, which is funded by members' subscriptions, fines, club raffles and other club events specifically held for this account and an activities/charities account which is financed from public fundraising events. Under no circumstances can money raised from the public be transferred from the activities account to the administration account to finance the running of the club.

Many clubs also now have a registered Charitable Trust Account and all monies held in this account can only be used for charitable purposes. Many Clubs operate a separate fundraising account, which acts as the „trading account‟. Once all expenses from any events are paid, net profit can be transferred to the Charity account for use in community and Lions projects.

For a club with Charitable Trust status then there are statutory obligations to comply with Charity Commission guidelines. An annual return must be completed and Charity information updated. If annual income is less than £10,000 nothing further required. If annual income is above £10,000 but less than £25,000, end of year accounts are also required. Above £25,000 and below £250,000 end of year accounts must include a report of the Trustees. It is recommended, as a matter of good practice that an independent inspection of all end of year accounts is carried out. Income in excess of £250,000 will require a professional audit. End of year accounts are no longer required to be sent automatically to the District Treasurer, however they must be made available for inspection at any time if requested. Members of the public can also request a copy. All returns to the Charity Commission are made on-line, within ten months of the end of the financial period, and all documents must be in the form of a pdf.

Lion Tamer

Looks after club property including the regalia, bannerettes, flags, gavel and bell. Is responsible for giving apologies and introducing guests at the club meetings.

Tail Twister

Has the responsibility to maintain humour within the club by fining members for various offences at club meetings. The fines collected go towards the administration account. Normally the Tail Twister can only be fined themselves by a unanimous vote of all members present.

Membership Chairman

Heads the membership committee and is responsible for the recruitment and retention of members, together with the initiation and presentation of Club Orientation sessions, and the initiation, maintaining, and audit of the Clubs Development Programme.

Fund Raising / Activities Chairman

Heads the fund raising committee and is responsible for organising the clubs fund raising programme.

Community Services Chairman / Welfare Chairman

Heads the committee responsible for researching requests for help that are received, and recommends the appropriate action to the club for their decision. This committee must be very pro-active and not just re-active. Many communities and Clubs are finding it more difficult to find good projects.

Board of Directors

Consists of the President, Vice Presidents(s), Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Lion Tamer, Tail Twister, and Committee Chairmen. Many Clubs also have a Youth Chairman, Public Relations Officer, Web Master etc. These members represent all the Club members who do not hold office at Boards Meetings. They are the executive committee of the Club. These officers are normally proposed, seconded and voted into office before the start of the new Lion year.

The District: - Its Organisation and Officers.

A District should consist of at least thirty five Clubs (35) and 1250 members, as laid down by the International Constitution, but in practice usually consists of more. Our District 105D at the time of re-writing this handbook, in August 2014, has 62 Clubs, 3 Club Branches and over 1,240 members.

Although there is a minimum number of clubs and members required, at the present time there is no maximum,

For administrative purposes the District is normally split into smaller units called Regions, which are sub - divided into Zones. The maximum number of clubs in a Region shall be 16 and in a Zone 8.

When establishing a Region or Zone, due regard is given to the geographical location of the clubs forming the Region or Zone. A District Governor can only change the constitution, of a Region or Zone, before their year of office commences.

The following lists the District Officers normally appointed within our District, and details some areas of information that you will hear referred to at various times.

The District Governor

The chief administrative officer of the District. Serves for one year and is elected at the District Convention. Takes the Chair at District Convention, Cabinet Meetings and any District Meetings that are called. Represents the Association within the District and represents the District at the Council of Governors Meetings. Acts under the general supervision of the International Board of Directors and is responsible for furthering the purposes and objects of the Association, supervising the formation of new Lions Clubs and visiting each Club in the District at least once.

Vice District Governors

There are two Vice District Governors: 1st VDG and 2nd VDG. The VDGs carry out such duties that are allocated by the International Board of Directors and the District Governor, under the supervision of the District Governor. They will be members of the District Cabinet and, although not automatic, will usually progress by election to the position of District Governor.

District Secretary

Appointed by the incoming DG and acts under the supervision of the District Governor and Cabinet. Is responsible for all official correspondence relating to the District and is the link between District Cabinet and the clubs. Takes the minutes of all Cabinet and District Meetings and the District Convention.

District Treasurer

Appointed by the incoming DG. Is responsible for the financial affairs of the District and normally collects all club payments for District and Multiple District projects, events and appeals and advises all the appropriate officers by maintaining and updating schedules of all these payment. Is responsible in conjunction with the Finance Committee for setting the District Budget and the level of dues required to keep the District in financial good standing.

Region Chairman (Optional)

Appointed by the incoming DG, to serve for one year. Responsible for supervising the activities of the Zone Chairman in the Region and can serve on the District Governor's Policy Committee, MERL Committee and Long Range Planning Committee. Will also liaise with and work with the Region Membership / Leadership officers appointed to assist in the formation of new clubs and club branches and assist in the management of weaker clubs. Must visit each club in the Region at least once and further the purposes of the Association and the District programme.

Zone Chairman

Appointed by the incoming DG, and possibly the most important link between the clubs and the District Governor. Works closely with clubs in the Zone, attends Cabinet Meetings, and Policy Committee when requested. Reports back on club's activities and well being to the RC, the DG and at the District Cabinet meetings.

Must visit each Zone club at least once and hold a minimum of four Zone meetings in the year

District Nominations, Resolutions and Constitution Officer

Appointed to make sure that any Resolution or amendment put to the District Convention does not contravene the International Constitution in spirit or otherwise, and that any Nominations for elected office meet the requirements and criteria. Also assists the clubs with any constitutional matters. Usually a Lion with a lot of experience.

Global Membership Team (GMT)

Working closely with the Global Leadership Team (GLT), the GMT provides a global structure but implemented locally for membership development, which is continuous focused and integrated. This structure is there for the benefit and success of all clubs within the district, the teams role is to assist with, and advise on all aspects of Membership, Retention and Extension, and in the formation of new clubs and club branches.

Global Leadership Team (GLT)

Leadership is critical to the overall success of any organisation, including Lions Clubs International. An effective leadership team provides the vision, guidance and motivation necessary for our association to continue to fulfil its mission of providing quality, relevant service to communities around the world.

Members of the GMT and GLT work together to identify, develop and encourage opportunities for present and future Lions leaders, and to develop membership through service and engagement.

The Global Leadership Team (GLT) provides for an enhanced focus on leadership development, which is critical to the future vitality of our association. The GLT directs its efforts toward identifying and cultivating effective leaders through active training and leadership development initiatives, while providing necessary information, guidance and motivation.

The GLT Structure encompasses representation at the international, multiple district, single district and district levels and includes district governor teams, providing a comprehensive global platform for developing more qualified leaders from the club level up, while encouraging regional training and development approaches to address local needs.

Operating as an action-oriented, parallel, mutually supportive team with the GMT, the GLT was developed to augment the local efforts of our DG Teams. By integrating the efforts of the GLT, the GMT and our DG Teams, we will be better able to address regional growth and development needs, while building our membership base, improving club health, and enhancing the quality of our leadership at all levels of the association.

District Officer

Refers to all Lions asked to serve on the District Cabinet in various specialist roles. A full list of these officers and their positions appears in The District Directory. They are available to assist Clubs, Zones and Regions at all times.

District Cabinet

The advisory and policy committee of the District. Chaired by the District Governor and consisting of the 1st and 2nd Vice District Governors, the immediate Past District Governor, the District Secretary, the District Treasurer, the Region Chairmen (Optional), the Zone Chairmen and the District officers. Meets at least four times during the Lions‟ year to discuss Officers reports and recommendations, agree the budgets and establish District policy.

District Convention

The Annual General Meeting of the District. Receives the reports of the District Officers and debates the resolutions put forward by the Clubs and Cabinet relating to District matters and other Lions‟ activities further afield. Provides a forum for debate and provides a platform for specialist presentations. The International Association is represented by either a serving or Past International Director, as principal guest. It is also a time for social gathering and making and renewing friendships at the various social activities held. Partners of Lions are particularly welcome at these weekends and have their own range of activities during the Lions‟ business sessions.

District Training

Members new and not so new will be encouraged by their Clubs and District to attend the regular Training Workshops and Seminars that are held to introduce new members to the Association and its make up, and what role you can play within the organisation. These workshops are normally interactive and not just lectures, so that much can be learnt and full discussion on matters of membership, leadership, fund raising, community service, and club management. Please go and attend these workshops - they are stimulating, thought provoking and can even be fun. There is also an annual Incoming Officers training Day where Incoming Club Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers are offered help and advice. Region and Zone Chairmen are also now offered training at these sessions.

If you wish to contact a District Officer, please click here and select the relevant officer when a contact form will appear.

Breakdown of District Posts 

The Multiple District: Its Organisation and Officers

As previously stated where there are two or more Districts in the same country or geographical area, they can become a Multiple District. Here in the British Isles and Ireland, our Multiple District is known as MD105. It consists of thirteen Districts operating in the British Isles and Ireland. There are 12 within England, Scotland & Wales and Ireland as a whole is a District on its own

Its affairs are conducted by a committee comprising of the District Governors from each District. This committee is known as the Council of Governors and meets four times a year, the last meeting of which coincides with and is held at the time of the Multiple District Convention. The chairman of the Council of Governors is elected from the preceding two year's District Governors (from those who put their names forward) by the District Governors elect at the January Council meeting.

There are other officers besides the District Governors who sit in on the meetings of the Council of Governors. They are the MD Treasurer, the Secretary to the Council, the MD Sergeant at Arms, and usually invited to attend are the current International Officers and Past International Officers of the Multiple District. The term International Officer refers to those Lions elected at International Convention to the posts of International Director or International President.

The MD Treasurer is appointed by the COGs at their first meeting and carries out similar duties to that of a District Treasurer, but they are more complex and the sums of money are much larger. The MD Treasurer must have certain professional qualifications as are laid down from time to time.

The Council of Governors also appoints the MD Officers and Committee Chairmen at their first meeting held after the MD Convention. These officers cover a wide range of Lions activities, mainly relating to Lions adopted programmes, and are available to assist the District Officers and the Clubs.

The Secretary to the Council takes the minutes of the COG meetings and ensures distribution of the summaries to those entitled to receive them. There are two full time paid members of staff who run the MD.Secretariat. This is situated at 257 Alcester Road South, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 6DT and was purchased by donations made by Lions and is owned by the Lions Clubs of MD105. The Secretariat is responsible for all MD Convention documents, preparing the MD Directories, holding and issuing the MD supplies and dealing with all enquiries relating to the operation of Lions Clubs within this country.

International Organisation

Our Association has its headquarters at 300, 22nd Street, Oak Brook, Illinois, 60521 8842, U.S.A. There is a paid staff, headed by a Chief Administrator and a Chief Financial Officer, sufficient in size to administer the records of the 45,000 clubs and 1.3 million members and to transmit the policies, both welfare and administrative, that have been decided by the International Board of Directors.

Official club supplies are also produced and issued from here for Lions Clubs and Leo Clubs. It is also responsible for organising the meetings of the International Board of Directors, held in rotation throughout the world, and for the organisation of our International Convention, which attracts Lions and their families from all corners of the world.

All papers and documents that are sent out to the clubs are translated into the language encompassed by the members to whom they are being sent.

The International Board of Directors

This is the Executive Committee of our Association and is made up of unpaid elected Lions. It consists of the International President, the Immediate Past International President, the two International Vice Presidents and thirty-four International Directors. All of these Officers are elected at the International Convention.

To give continuity, the thirty four directors are elected on the basis of seventeen in even years and seventeen in odd years. There are also ten non-voting appointees who serve for one year in an advisory capacity. The structure of the Board is such that the Directors represent each part of the world where there are Lions Clubs. In Europe each Multiple District has a turn in providing an International Director

An International Director is elected to serve a two year term and they commit themselves to attending Board Meetings and Committee Meetings, wherever they are held, and to visiting Lions meetings, especially District Conventions.

Conventions and Europa Forums

As previously mentioned these are the AGMs. of the various groups of Lions Clubs, where decisions are taken and officers elected, at District, Multiple District and International level.

All Conventions have a mix of business and social activities, both formal and informal, allowing for the exchange of ideas and information and for the forming of friendships between individuals, clubs and Districts.

For District and MD Conventions the number of voting delegates, which a club may send, depends on its number of members at a pre-set date. Each club has at least one vote, and those with 15-24 members two votes, 25-34 members three votes, 35-44 four votes and so on. For each voting delegate an alternate may be nominated in case of absence.

The number of voting delegates that a club may send to International Convention is one per twenty five members (25), or major fraction of that number. Although there are limits to the numbers of voting delegates at conventions there are no limits to the numbers of Lions who can attend and participate in the debates and functions.

Although there are some exceptions, in this MD the District Conventions arc usually held in February/March of each year with the Multiple District Convention being held in late April or early May.

The International Convention is held towards the end of June, or early July, to correspond with the start of the new Lions' year.

The Europa Forum is held each year, around September/October in a different European country. The object of the Forum is the exchange of ideas amongst the various European Districts and to listen to specialist seminars given by experienced Lions on subjects affecting Lionism on a European scale. The Forum has no legislative powers, though reports of debates are sent to the International Board as well as all Districts within Europe. There is normally a keynote speaker from one or more current International Directors. Future venues can be found in the MD Directory.


As previously indicated the running costs of Lions Clubs International at all levels must come from the membership and not from funds raised from the public.

Club Dues

Club dues must include sufficient to cover District, Multiple District and International dues and are set by the club, taking into account the running costs of the club and the expenses that it may wish to meet of the President and Secretary and any members who might represent the club at various functions or meetings.

District Dues

District dues are set and agreed by the voting delegates at each District Convention The District Treasurer must take into account the level of legitimate expenses incurred by District Officers in performing their duties, that they might be called upon to pay, and the expenses of the business sessions of the District Convention.

Multiple District Dues

Multiple District dues are agreed by the delegates at the MD Convention under the recommendation of the MD Treasurer and the COG.

Taken into account are the running expenses and upkeep of the MD office and the salaries of its staff as well as the expenses of the meetings etc. that are necessary to ensure the smooth running of the MD. Amounts are also included to cover the expenses of the business sessions of the MD Convention and the costs of the MD insurance policy and MD public relations, together with part of the costs of the LION magazine for the British Isles and Ireland.

International Dues

Like all the other dues they are set at the Convention and must include money for the expenses of International Officers within the strict rules of audit that are laid down.

They also include the upkeep and running of the office at Oak Brook, the postage, printing and all other costs associated with the running of the Association, including production of The Lion Magazine. Each District, Multiple District and of course Lions International, produce fully audited accounts which are placed before delegates for study and acceptance before any dues are fixed for the next Lions' year.

All dues are payable in two equal instalments per capita, and are based on club membership at the end of June and the end of December in each year.

The Lions Clubs International Foundation

The LCIF, to give it its working title, is funded through donations from charities' accounts of Lions and Leo Clubs

It helps to meet the needs of people and communities, which may be beyond the reasonable capabilities of the local Lions Club acting on its own. Normally grants are applied for through the MD LCIF Coordinator, and are paid if accepted on an equal basis. The Club or District has to raise at least 50% of the funds to achieve a matching grant. Other criteria for Emergency grants and Humanitarian grants can be found in the LCIF booklets and of course on the LCI International website.

It is administered by a Board of Trustees, which normally comprises the Immediate Past International President and five other members of the International Board of Directors plus two appointed by the International President. The Board reviews and acts upon all applications for grants that meet the Foundation's basic criteria.

Insurance Arrangements for the Multiple District 105

Insurance cover is provided for clubs and for their members when they perform duties on behalf of the club. Full details of the cover provided can be found by clicking here.

Similarly legal advice and the Vulnerable Persons policy can be found in the Members Handbook on the Multiple District website by clicking here.



Lions International founded by Melvin Jones


New Sub-Districts 105-M and 105-W formed. The 500th Club formed - Rutland


First Lions Club in Europe Chartered - Stockholm


Birmingham Exhibition 29,000th Club in the Association. Past District Governor - Bert Mason of Belfast Club elected to International Board of Directors. Establishment of Multiple District 105 Secretariat


First Lions Club Chartered in District 105 - London host


The 600th Club formed - Horncastle


Commencement of Travelling Lion Competition - following the presentation of 'Leo' by the Niagara Falls Club to the London Club


New Sub-District 105-EA formed


"The British and Irish Lion" commenced publication


The 700th Club formed - Holmfirth and Meltham


First Lions Club in Scotland Chartered - Glasgow 


Past International Director Bert Mason elected International Third Vice President at Phoenix, Arizona, USA


First Lions Club in Ireland Chartered - Dublin 


New Sub-Districts BN, ES and NE formed


The First National Lions Day was organised


The 800th Club formed. Membership passed 20,000 figure


District 105 became a Multiple District with two Districts, A and B


Past Chairman of Council, Philip Daubeney of Jersey Club, elected International Director at New Orleans


The International Convention held in Europe for the first time at Nice, France. Past District Governor Ed. Peckham of London (Host) Club elected to the International Board of Directors


Secretariat moved to Birmingham


First Lions Club in Wales Chartered - Wrexham and Rural District. First Lions Club in Channel Islands Chartered - Jersey


The 900th Club formed. PDG Colin Vincent of Farnham Club, elected International Director at Hong Kong. MD purchased freehold office premises in Kings Heath Birmingham for MD Headquarters


The 100th Club formed in Multiple District 105 - Sunderland


Awarded the 1996 International Convention, to be held in Birmingham, England


Multiple District 105 further sub-divided to form four Districts A, B, C and D. Medic-Alert launched in the Multiple District


The International Convention held in Birmingham, England


First Multiple District 105 International Youth Centre held at Boddington Hall, Leeds. Europa Forum held in London


Past Chairman of Council Phil Nathan of South Woodham Ferrers Club, elected International Director in San Diego, USA


Past District Governor Charles B. Allison of Brighton Club elected to the International Board of Directors


Past District Governor Howard Lee of Farnham Club, elected International Director in Denver, USA


The 200th Club formed in Multiple District 105 - Northampton


Europa Forum held in Bournemouth, England 


A new Sub-District 105-I formed


PIP Bert Mason and Beryl passed to Higher Service 


A new Sub-District 105-SW formed. The "Lion Magazine, British & Irish Edition" published


MD Convention Leeds 60th Anniversary


A new Sub-District 105-SE formed. The 300th Club formed - Drogheda, Republic of Ireland


PID Philip Daubeney passed to Higher Service 


A new Sub-District 105-E formed


Our Patron, HRH Countess of Wessex visits MDHQ


The 400th Club formed - Wolverhampton


Europa Forum Birmingham

It is hoped that you have found this booklet useful and that you will enjoy being a member of the world's largest service organisation, LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL.

District 105D Membership Team

Edition 7 - September 2014

You can download the handbook as a PDF file by clicking here

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