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Lions Clubs International have been serving our community and helping those in need since 1917. We are planning many events to celebrate 100 years of service in 2017 and more details will appear here shortly...


MyLCI – Adding a Service Activity

1. Log into MyLCI with your user id and password at

2. Click ‘My Lions Club’

3. Click ‘Service activities’ then ‘Add Activity’ (see screen below)

4. Complete the form using the drop down boxes 

5. Click on ‘Signature activity’ to see if your activity meets one of the signature challenges. If it does then click on the challenge named and it will provide some direction on what to record.

6. If the signature activity you choose is also one of the Centennial Service Challenges then the system will automatically tick the Centennial Service Challenge box. If not then it shows as ‘None’ in the Centennial Service Channel Box.

7. If you activity is not one of the signature challenges then simply tick ‘None’ in the Signature Activity box.

8. For activity Type click ‘select type’ and this will allow you to scroll down and chose your activity type. You will see that some of the boxes have the centennial logo in them. This is a reminder that this particular activity type is a Centennial Service Challenge.    

9. As you select the type of activity it will then open up additional boxes on the right hand side of the screen to allow you to add the number of Lion involved / Lion hours / people served and money collected / donated.

10. Give your activity a title and add a description of what was involved using the boxes provided.

11. The system allows you to add photographs of your activity and there is a click ‘share’ button which shares the stories.     

12. Once the form is complete remember to click ‘Save’  

13. MyLCI automatically collates the on-line information on the Centennial Service Challenges and will email the Club Secretary / Club President with a thank you and details on whether your Club is awarded a banner patch.  

NB: There is also a MyLCI online training area (see Support Centre) top right hand side of screen). 

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Service activities for fiscal year are currently being worked on and will be available on

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