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District Competitions

Inter-club competitions.

The District Awards and Competitions are summarised here.  For more information please select from the sub-menu.

Some of these may not run if clubs do not enter them as notified in the July 2013 District Mailing.

Leo Plumley Award

Presented to the Club or Zone who have made a significant contribution to the well being of those in our Society who are less fortunate than  Contact Officer is DO Judith Goodchild

The Lions Environmental Poster Competition

The new competition for 2017 18 is now open.  There are 2 categories: a Poster using paint and a CAD Poster. There are 2 age groups (7-10 and 11-16)  A prize of  75 for each group.   

Contact Officer - DO Judith Goodchild

Peter Allen Environmental Photo Competition

Presented to the best 10" x 8" Environmental Photo received by 8th January 2018

Contact Officer - DO Judith Goodchild

The 3R's Environmental Competition

This competition has now been cancelled by the District Cabinet due to lack of support

The Helen Deakin Make the World a Better Place Award

This competition was cancelled by the District Cabinet in July 2014 due to lack of support and because its aims could be covered by The revised Leo Plumley Award  and/or The Peter Allen Photographic Award.

John Greenaway International Award

Presented to the Zone or Club most involved with Contact Lions International Projects.

Contact Officer - DO Barrie Richardson

Ian Birch Membership Award

Presented to the Zone or Club, which has made the greatest effort to increase Lion Membership.  (Not necessarily the Club with the largest membership).
Contact Officer - DO Tim Hanton

Music Competition

A competition for young musicians under the age of 23 with the winner going forward to the MD Competition  This competition was suspended by MD for at least this year 
Contact Officer- DO Barrie Richardson

Club Magazine Award (Judged at Convention)

This competition was now been cancelled by the District Cabinet in July 2014 due to lack of support

Peace Poster Competition

There are 4 awards for 3 Age groups and 1 Computer Aided Design
Godwin Micallef Cup for the official district entry (11 - 13 yrs)
The following are now known as the Junior Peace Poster Competitions

Bill Smith Award for (7-8yrs) , (9-10yrs) and  (CAD)
The theme for this year is "The Future of Peace" Closing date is November 15th 2017

Contact Officer - DO Frances Bond

Poetry Competition

There are 2 categories: John Goodchild trophy for juniors aged 7-11 years Judith Goodchild trophy for 11-16 years 

Contact Officer - DO Frances Bond

Scrapbook Competition (Judged at Convention)

This competition was cancelled by the District Cabinet in July 2014 due to lack of support.  However if any club wishes to enter the MD Competition they should contact

 DO Judith Goodchild Email

Bert Mason Trophy for Services to Youth (MD 105)

One representative from each district is nominated and award is presented at MD Convention 

Contact Officer - DG Peter Burnett

Bill Field Sight Cup

Presented to a Club or individual member of a Club Contact for particular efforts in a sight related area.

Contact Officer - DO Judith Goodchild

Lions Sight Savers Awards

Presented to Clubs in recognition of their support for Eye Screening Camps. There are 5 patches: Bronze for 10-19 camps funded, Silver for 20-29, Gold for 40 -74 , Diamond for 75-99 and Platinum for more than 100

Contact Officer - DO Judith Goodchild

Barrie Richardson Travelling Lion Award

A District award to the Club gaining the most points for visiting other clubs wherever they may be, or attending District and Zone organised events. Visits to MD Conventions also count.  There have been no entries since 2015.

Contact Officer - DO Judith Goodchild

Website Awards

In July 2014 District Cabinet decided that there should be one Website Award (The Brigid Hendy Award) and a Social Media Award (The Graham Drayton Award)

Contact Officer - DO Tom Sayers

Young Ambassador Cup (Formally Youth Cup)

Presented to the winner of the District Competition at the Young Ambassador Final.

Contact Officer - DO Yorky Tuke

Blackmore Vale Cheese

Blackmore Vale Lions Club has now decided that this competition has now run its course and it will not be presented any more. This was presented by Blackmore Vale to the Club, which has contributed most to encourage and support Youth Exchange either by hosting or sponsoring.

Colin Rickman Youth Project Award

Presented to the Club which has made the greatest contribution to Youth in the District.

 Contact Officer- DO Denise Stenner

Youth Football Shield

Competition suspended at MD Convention in 2012