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At the Cabinet meeting held on July 19th it was agreed that this competition should be cancelled due to lack of support from clubs. 

However there is an MD Competition and any club wishing to enter this should contact Judith Goodchild.

Club Scrapbook Award

This award is made annually to the club that produces the best Newsletter in the District.  The competition is judged at Convention by neutral judges from other Districts.

The Contact Officer is Judith Goodchild
The award is to the Club Scrapbook, which shows the most variety and volume of media coverage over the year, whilst maintaining an attractive and appealing presentation.

 News & media coverage   max 80 points
 Style, layout, etc.      max 20 points

The winner of the District Competition is then enterred into the MD Competition


The scrapbook is a record of a Presidential year and is judged at the MD Convention.  The winner is awarded the Geoffrey Barnes Trophy, which is held for twelve months.


1 Description of Entries

 (a) All entries must be in book form, not  exceeding 24" x 36".
 (b) All entries must be clearly identified on  the cover.

2 Scrapbook Contents

The Scrapbook should cover the period of the preceding Presidential Year but, when it is in a continuous format, judging will only take place on materials covering the above period.  These may include:

 (a) Newspaper and magazine coverage,  supported by clippings.

 (b) Bulletins, newsletters, function  programmes, menus, tickets, etc.

 (c) Photographs and pictures.

3 Participation

 (a) All Clubs shall be eligible to submit an  entry to their District Convention  Scrapbook Competition.

 (b) The winning District entry shall be  eligible for entry to the MD Convention  Scrapbook Competition.

 (c) Each entry shall be delivered to the MD  Sergeant at Arms prior to  commencement of the Friday Business  Session of the Convention.

 (d) Delegates delivering entries shall be  responsible for their collection  afterwards.

4 Judging

(a) Entries will be judged during the  Convention by a select panel of judges  approved by the Council of Governors.

 (b) Judging will be based on maximum  marks as follows:

  90% Content
  10% Presentation

 (c) The results will be announced and the  Trophy presented to the winning Club  during the MD Convention.

5 The Trophy

 (a) Shall be known as "The Geoffrey  Barnes Trophy" and held by the  winning Club for one year.

 (b) The winning Club shall be responsible  for:
  (i)   The safekeeping of the trophy for   twelve months.
  (ii) Engraving their Club's name on   the trophy (in a similar style).
  (iii) Delivering the trophy to the MD   Sergeant at Arms at the following   MD Convention.

6 Organisation

 (a) Individual Districts are responsible for  organising District Competitions and  for notifying the MD Sergeant at Arms  of their winners for entry into the MD  Competition.

 (b) The MD Competition to be organised  by the MD Sergeant at Arms.

 MD Headquarters

The competition was not held in 2014 due to less than 5 clubs entering
The winner of the 105D 2012 - 2013 Competition was The LIONS CLUB OF BURNHAM (BUCKS)

The winner of the 105D 2011-2012 Competition was The LIONS CLUB OF BURNHAM (BUCKS)

The winner of the 2010-2011 Competition was The LIONS CLUB OF HART