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At the Cabinet meeting held on July19th it was agreed that the criteria for this competition be changed to "Awarded to the Club or Zone which has made the greatest contribution to Youth in the District".

Colin Rickman Award

PDG Colin introduced the Award at his convention in March 1993 as he wanted to promote YOUTH PROJECTS. He says "The background and the reason why I donated the shield was due to the fact, believe it or not, I was relatively young when I joined Lions and the first club officer appointment was Leo officer and Youth officer which included the Youth Award competition". In those days there were between 6 to 10 candidates at club level, He then became Regional Youth award officer, and following that District Leo Officer, along with other youth related projects. In those early days the Youth and particular Leos inspired him to such extent that it motivated him through his year as President and it was Leos who encouraged him to stand as DG. During the period from 1979 to 1992 when elected as DG he found that it was becoming harder to inspire clubs to get involved with the youth projects. He is sure many of us have said that the youth of today is our future and how true that it is now? PDG Colin also says we have to also remember that young female Leos back in those times could not join Lions. He always said if he was elected as DG he would be the first to badge up a female and he did! So in essence the award was introduced to award the club who was involved with Leos, Youth Award, Youth Football and other Youth projects, He knows things have changed but he would sincerely hope the Award is awarded to the club who is the most active with youth related projects particularly MD & District Youth programmes.

Contact Officer Denise Stenner


The winner of the 2019 Competition was Westbury Lions Club

for their work with their Leo Club

The winner of the 2018 competition was Ringwood and Fordingbridge Lions Club

For their support of the youth in their community and the District Competitions

The winner of the 2017 competition was Bridport Lions Club

For their continued support of the youth in their community

The winner of the 2016 competition was Eastleigh Lions Club

for their consistent support pf The Young Ambassador award and their continued efforts to support and engage youth in their community

The winner of the 2015 competition were Westbury Lions Club 

for their support of a local schools' music concert and for buying instruments for young people who would not otherwise be able to afford them

The winner of the 2014 competition was Cosham Lions Club

for their continued support of The Rock Challenge

The winner of the 2013 competition was The LIONS CLUB OF RINGWOOD AND FORDINGBRIDGE

for their Lions Den initiative based on two local schools.  This was due to the hard work of their President PDG Barrie Richardson

The winner of the 2011-2012 competition were The LIONS CLUBS of FLEET and HART for their continued work with youth in their community

The winner of the 2010-11 competition was The LIONS CLUB of BLANDFORD and DISTRICT for establishing a new LEO Club