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Food Hygiene Training                                           

To obtain the necessary training and Certification for Lions Clubs across the Multiple District, wishing to make, prepare and sell food etc., The Safer Food Group and Lions Clubs International Multiple District 105 are working in partnership to offer a level 2 Basic Food Hygiene Certificate which is accredited by Qualifying with a Course Syllabus that has been approved by the UK Environmental Health Officers.

Lions Club members have access to a special rate of 10.00 (+VAT) per learner with the agreed Group discount. will take you to the website where you can find details, purchase your course and gain access to the learning materials.

Important Note:

To obtain the Lions Group Discount you need to click on to the Purchase tab on the web page and enter the code LIONSCLUB22 

Should you experience any problems Clubs are requested to contact their District Health & Safety Officer in the first instants or the Multiple District Health & Safety Officer.

For further guidance please refer to the 'Road Safety Document' - page 20.