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Music Licences

PPL - PRS Music Licences - What's the difference?

PPL collects and distributes money on behalf of record companies and performers.

PRS for Music collects and distributes money on behalf of songwriters, composers and publishers.


Lions Clubs International MD105 has secured an annual licence paid by MD on behalf of all Lions Clubs excluding Republic of Ireland to cover the PPL Licence. The Terms of our Licence are as follows:-

  1. This fee will licence all recorded music usage by the club throughout the year except for events where the attendance is in excess of 500 persons which would then be licenced under the standard PPL tariffs.
  2. The fees will increase annually on the 1st of January in line with the Retail Price Index.
  3. Where a member club owns their own premises any use of the premises by third parties is not covered by this agreement.


PRS will not issue an annual licence as they appreciate many venues used by Lions already hold a licence for music.

However when individual Clubs contact PRS they will be treated as a charitable organisation and a more favourable licence rate will be given.

Please see the link below for more detailed information regarding their charity discount scheme and an on-line application form

PRS for Music

Please note it has been agreed that all Lions Clubs in the British Isles and Northern Ireland collecting at Christmas "Santa Sleigh" events will be exempt from a PRS for Music licence under their discretionary policy.  This may change from year to year and MDHQ will be checking with them each year.

We would appreciate Clubs informing us of any issues that arise.