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The Lions logo - Do's and Don'ts

We are all familiar with the up to date Lions logo, as featured at the top of this page. However with many clubs issuing festive flyers and posters during the Christmas period and others using old artwork on charter invitations etc. Here are some guidance notes and examples from LCI on what logos can be used and modifications to that logo which are not acceptable. Click here for the guidance notes.  Please note - some of the text is very small on this publication so to enlarge the page hold down the Ctrl key (keyboard bottom left) and the + key (keyboard top right).

Reference is made on the guidance notes to the LCI Graphic Identity Branding Manual which is a very comprehensive document detailing all aspects of Lions publicity graphics and how to use them. Click here to download the 51 page guide.

MD PR Email Campaign Archive 2016 - 17

Please click on the links below to read the information released by the Multi District PR Team. These information releases are sent out on a monthly basis to detail the latest PR initiatives to clubs.

March 2017 Newsfeed can be accessed by clicking here.

February 2017 Newsfeed can be accessed by clicking here

January 2017 Newsfeed can be accessed by clicking here.

December 2016 Newsfeed can be accessed by clicking here.

The September/October, November  2017 Newsfeeds can be accessed by clicking here then click on the month by month links at the top of the Newsfeed Page,


MD PR Strategy 2015 to 16

To download the Multi District PR Strategy document click the icon below.

PR strategy 2015 to 2016Following the meeting in January of the MD PR Committee and District Public Relations Co-ordinators the 2015/16 PR Team Strategy was formulated in a concise guidance document to detail the way forward for the next Lionistic year.

That strategy was presented to the MD 105 Convention in May 2015 when the document was released to clubs.

To download the PR Team Strategy document click the icon on the left.