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Essay Competition 

This competition is now open 

The Theme for 2019 -2020 is "Journey of Peace ".

Unfortunately we have had no entries this year, please take a look and get into the schools at the beginning of the year to promote this Competition.

Why not approach schools now and ask if there are any students that could take part in this competition, then when we have the new theme they could be raring to go.  

Lions clubs around the world are encouraged to sponsor students in the Lions International Essay Contest.The Essay Contest is for visually impaired young people. In this context visually impaired is more than simply needing glasses though an exact definition is hard to come by, a good guide would be the issue of limited vision being included in special educational needs provision. This contest was introduced in 2010-2011, here is a link for more information. The annual Peace Essay Contest encourages blind and visually impaired young people to express their thoughts of peace through the written word.

This essay contest was created to offer an opportunity to encourage blind and visually impaired young people to express their feelings of peace. The theme of the 2019-20 Lions International Essay Contest is "Journey of Peace" Students who are blind and visually impaired and who are  11, 12 or 13 on November 15th, are eligible to participate.

Work with your fellow Lions, local schools and area families to identify young people who are interested in participating and who could benefit from this program. One grand prize winner will receive an award and US$5,000.
Although some clubs may have schools in their area that specialize in visual impairment many of the potential entrants will be within main stream schools. An approach to the LEA adviser may be a way to find eligible youngsters.

Contest Guidelines

Each essay must be submitted with a completed entry form. Essays must be no longer than 500 words in length, submitted in English, type-written in black ink and double-spaced.
The grand prize winner will be notified on or before June 1.

Here is an example of 2016-17 grand winner's essay. I am hoping that this will encourage clubs to go out there and participate in this competition.


THEME: Finding Peace 
 NAME: Charlie Bruskotter

 There is too much fighting in the world right now. Some fighting is conveyed with war, some is brought out by politicians fighting for power. Some fighting is by people being stubborn and not being open to ideas. Some is caused by not accepting differences of others. Stopping this fighting begins with us. In order to find peace, we need to be friendly to other people, be open to new ideas, and accept people for who they are. The first step to establishing peace is being friendly to other people. If we spread love and friendliness throughout the world, others will feel confident in themselves and feel respected. When people realize that they are liked, then they want to spread friendliness to others. Most of all, people should spread this friendliness because everyone is special in their own way. This will help people be happy with who they are. The next step is to be open to new ideas. Many wars and fights have started because two groups believed different things were right, and wanted to prove that to the other. We should be open to different ways to see the world. If we accept new ideas, there will be more possible solutions to the problems in the world. We can start just by listening to each other. The final step of peace is accepting others' differences. By accepting differences, we can get to know people that we could never know if we judged them by how they looked or acted. If we don't judge others for being different from us, then we would have the ability to treat everyone on the face of the Earth as humans. We could get to know other cultures around the world. We could understand others' existence in the world. But most importantly, we can coexist with every human, no matter how different. By showing friendliness to all, being open to new and different ideas, and accepting that none of us are the same, we can take a huge step forward to making a better place for all people. Not just for us, but for everyone to have an equal happiness with their time on this planet. And someday we can finally celebrate the day when the earth is at peace.

Entry form