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 Peace Poster Competition 

 I would like to thank the following clubs for taking part in this year's competition: 

 Ringwood & Fordingbridge, Petersfield, Jersey, Yateley & District  and New Milton 

I would like also like to thank Denise, Yorky, John  and the members of the Cabinet who took over the judging for me, taking and posting the photos. 

    It has been a pleasure to work with you all. 

The Results are Below

PLEASE, PLEASE, check the sizes of your MD Peace Posters, the minimum is:
 13 inches (33 cm) by 20 inches (50.8 cm).
                                                                           Please also check the rules of the competition. 
THE RULES IN THE PACK NEED TO BE READ before you approach the schools etc.
           Please also take the time to read this web page regarding the rules of the competitions.

This year's Theme for 2019-2020 will be 'Journey of Peace '

Kits for 2019-20 are now on sale and will cost approx. 14.00 including P+P from MDHQ, also be aware that there are rules in the pack solely for the use of the clubs and not to be handed over to the schools. Please also take out the information regarding the Essay competition before taking the packs to the schools.

The closing date for buying kits is : 1st October 2019

Please see below:

 Please be aware that photocopies of the Winner stickers for the MD competition entries will be automatically disqualified as MD do not take photocopies. One Peace Poster kit needs to be purchased for every MD entry it is a MUST and only ONE from each school can be submitted. 

Please remember the Peace Poster design is wholly the creation of the students. 

Please consider entering the  ESSAY COMPETITION which has been set up by International, there is a new page to look at, so why not take a look and have a go. The closing date is the same as the Peace Poster. There are cash prizes for the Winners.

PeacePosterLogo The Lions Peace Poster competition theme for 2019-2020 is 'Journey of Peace' and Artists must be 11, 12 or 13 years of age on the 15th of November in the year of entry to compete in the International Competition.

This is an opportunity to encourage young people in your local community to think about the importance of world peace, tolerance and international understanding.  It also gives young people an outlet for artistic self-expression that can be shared with their local community and possibly the world. Clubs can encourage these young people to share their unique visions with the world, through pictures. Expression of theme, along with artistic merit and originality, are the three criteria that posters are evaluated on at all judging levels. On the District level, one poster is chosen to advance to the Multiple District, then the Multiple District chooses one poster to send to International Headquarters for the International competition. There are two levels of International competition: semifinal and final. 24 posters are selected for the final. The grand prize winner receives US$2,500. 

All posters must be no smaller than 330mm by 508mm and must be no larger than 508mm by 600mm. No collages are allowed, along with no numbering or wording to be on the poster in any language, nothing may be attached to the poster in any way, posters cannot be mounted on another surface or laminated.  As a guide, the preferred size is ISO standard A2 drawing paper which is readily available.  The Label, which is contained in the Kit, MUST be attached to the back right-hand bottom corner of the poster.  No photocopies are allowed.

Entries failing to meet specific contest rules and deadlines will be disqualified. The closing date for the Peace Poster is the 15th of November, the posters MUST be postmarked AT THE LATEST by the 15th of November. Any posters with later postmarks will be disqualified. If there is a problem PLEASE PLEASE notify the current officer or the Youth Chairman for advice.

          Results of the 2018-19 District 105D Entry for the MD Peace Poster competition:

Peace Poster 2018-2019 District 105D Winner and MD Winner

                                                   District Winner

                                       Jemma G age 13 from  The Petersfield School sponsored by the Lions Club of Petersfield.

                                                           Her quote on the poster " Kindness matters where ever you are"

                                                                                               Second place.

                                                                   Alithia Rivero Brooke

                                  Alithia R B from Ringwood School. sponsored by Ringwood & Fordingbridge Lions Club.

                 Her quote on the poster " Kindness is generosity, it doesn't have any borders or limitations and it's at its best face to face".

                                                                                                   Third place

                                                  Lucy O'Boyle

                                      Lucy O'B from Burgate School sponsored by Ringwood & Fordingbridge Lions Club.

                                                                     Her quote on the poster is "World peace makes sense".

Below is the Winner of the Years 3-4 Group

                                                  Yr 3-4 Winner

                                                       Julia P Year 4 Supported by Yateley and District Lions Club.


                                                 Yr 3-4 Second

                                                        Ryan S Year 4 supported by Yateley and District Lions Club.

Below is the Winner from Years 5-6 Group

                                                Yr 5-6 Winner

                                                       Tilly T Year 6 Supported by Yateley and District Lions Club


                                                   Yr 5-6 Second

                                                             Amelia S Year 5 Supported by Yateley and District Lions Club.

Computer aided design competition 

 2014-2015  from Yateley & District Lions club

CGI Winner

Sam W age 9 sponsored by Yateley & District Lions Club

AGAIN we have had NO ENTRIES in for the Computer aided Design, please think about taking part in this side of the competition, as you can see the one above has been very well thought out.

Thank You all for taking the time to take part

Peace Poster - 105D Junior District Competition

As well as the International Competition we run our own Junior Peace Poster District Competition for 7 & 8 year old(Years 3/4) and 9 & 10 year old(Years 5/6). The rules for the younger age groups are similar to the International/MD Competition and these are outlined below. Please read them carefully. 

The Junior Peace Poster Competition does not need a Peace Poster Pack from Oakbrook. This competition is for our District only.  

Entrants have to be either in years 3/4 or years 5/6 on 15th November 2019 to enter the Junior District Competition.

Please note that we will be using ONLY the year group on these posters.

The paper size for the Junior Competition is smaller than the International/MD Competition to allow for the younger ages. The paper used can either be A4 minimum or A3 maximum.

Any medium can be used but the poster must have no words or any collage on it.

There is also a Junior competition for a Computer Aided Design  picture with the rules being exactly the same.

Godwin Micallef Peace Poster TrophyThe Lions club that sponsors the International Contest District winner will receive the Godwin Micallef Peace Poster Trophy to be held for one year.


2018-19 Petersfield MD Winner

2017-18 Ringwood & Fordingbridge

2016-17 Ringwood & Fordingbridge

2015-16 Ringwood & Fordingbridge

2014-15 Ringwood & Fordingbridge

2013-14 New Milton

2012-13 Fleet Lions

2011-12 Swanage Lions

                                                    2010-11 Burnham Lions

                                                    2009-10 Fleet Lions MD winner

                                                    2008-09 Wokingham Lions

                                                    2007-08 Loddon Valley Lions

                                                    2006-07 Christchurch Lions

Kits are available to purchase from MDHQ

Peace Poster Contest Deadlines

Entries not meeting deadlines will be disqualified.

January 15:      Kits go on sale from the Club Supplies Sales Department at International Headquarters

October 1:        Deadline to purchase kits from the Club Supplies Sales Department at International Headquarters. 

November 15:  Postmark deadline for a club to send one winning poster (per contest sponsored) to the district governor.

December 1:    Postmark deadline for a Governor to send one winning district poster to multiple district council chairperson. 

December 1:  Postmark deadline for a Governor not belonging to a multiple district to send one winning poster to the Public Relations Department at International Headquarters. 

December 1:  Postmark deadline for a Club not belonging to a district to send one winning entry to the Public Relations Department at International Headquarters. 

December 15:  Postmark deadline for the multiple district council chairperson to send one winning poster to the Public Relations Department at International Headquarters. 

February 1:      International winners notified on or before this date.