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This competition closed on the 15th December with NO entries.

 I would like to thank all the clubs that had taken part over the years. 

Thank you 

This Poetry competition is open to all ages up to the age of 16. So go to the schools and clubs and youth clubs to see if they would like to take part, go sell ourselves out there. We also have a NEW Essay Competition, so please have a look at the new page and consider whether you can encourage schools with visually impaired students to take part. 

   Why not take part in this Poetry Competition?

We do need more entries from the clubs, so why not have a go this year and see how well you could do.

Year group is entered on the entry form as that is the only way we will be taking them in the future, Thank you

There is a cash prize for  the Winners.

Winner 2018 -2019

Group 1

No entries 

Group 2

No entries 

 Please go out and promote yourselves in schools, there is no cost to you for this competition.

Well done to all who took part in the Poetry competition, please consider taking part in this competition as it will give you great PR and gets you involved in your local schools and youth clubs.

Entry form


   Practical guide for clubs

1. Print off the Application Form and rules for as many outlets as you wish within the resources of the club.  These can be distributed ad-hoc via a local newspaper, youth groups or school.

2. You have from now to the 15th of December, so please take a look and visit the schools and clubs to promote this.

3. When you get a reply, make out the form as above and give each entry a unique reference number which should be prefixed with your club name.

4. Dependent upon the number of overall replies received, we will have winners at 1 or 2 levels (Club or Zone) which can then go forward to a District Final which could be held together with the Young Ambassador Final in January, a final decision being made at the January Cabinet meeting if needed.

5. As stated in the notes to the Club Youth Officer, the rules are open - the end objective is for as many clubs as possible to find a young person to write a poem.  Individual youth officers in each club are asked to find their own best method of promoting  the competition and selecting a winner.

Good Luck with your task!