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District Mailings

District mailings go out on the 25th of the month. Mostly they will have links that refer you to pages on the website. Current and previous mailings can be found in the District Secretary sub-page off the Home page.

I would appreciate receiving mailings well before the 25th.

Please consider that mailings are unlikely to be seen by some clubs until the middle/late of the following month. You should also consider that some clubs may not meet in August (Holidays) nor December (Christmas events). Therefore, if you need something completed by an end date, please consider sending your mail out in good time. We probably get more negative comments for something going out late, rather than not sending it at all!

Another consideration is that the club mailings do tend to be rather large, not only because of a lot of documents, but because we send photos and large documents e.g. Peace Poster photos, Music Competition containing 7 Pages etc. I am sure that a number of Secretaries are put off by the volume of 'paper' they should print, and probably don't.

A number of of our projects should be on the web site, which should give the full information and provide document downloads, if necessary, to be completed by clubs. In these instances, the mailing should be a brief paragraph stating that the web page has been updated and perhaps confirming any end dates. In some instances, maybe your web page is just a link to the MD or International equivalent web pages.

Please liaise with Tom Sayers re. building/maintaining your web pages. For some projects, this interaction should start soon.

Hopefully, we can reduce the volume of documents to an acceptable rate that would encourage Club Secretaries to pass the information on.